Brunei Basketball is a basketball enthusiast site that covers anything and everything basketball-related and looking at the game with a Bruneian eye. While we bring forth the game within our small country, we also hope to connect with our regional friends through our shared love of the sport.

Brunei Basketball began online on April 2009, when Lee Suening, the original founder, started the website in hopes of covering tournaments within Brunei Darussalam. Not long after, the second member, Wira Pori, joined and both helped each other with basketball updates through scoreline updates, photos and videos of matches as much as they were able. After eight years of bringing national attention to the sport, both have passed over the ownership and management of Brunei Basketball to new hands.

As we embark on a new journey with Brunei Basketball, we hope to carry the legacy left behind and build a new one as well – reaching out to the community, to people of all ages and backgrounds, and connect everyone through hoops. We hope you will also share our passion as well!

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